Marble Surface

A Note from

the CEO

John W. Daniels IV 

It’s not work when you love what you do and have a passion for it.
 I am John Daniels IV, CEO of PONTEM, a creative design company and this is my passion.
At PONTEM, our focus is the translation of our name from Classical Latin to English, building bridges. PONTEM fulfills that mission through creativity.
Specifically, the power of a handwritten note, because when you receive a handwritten note, you feel special because someone decided to take the time to handpick a notecard, just for you, pull out a special writing instrument, just for you and leave joy, peace, happiness and comfort in their words, just for you.

 ©  Pontem Inc. 2020 all designs, logo, marks and phrases.

Building bridges, one note at a time.

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